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Ahlia University

P.O. Box 10878
Exhibitions Road
Manama, Bahrain


Tel:  +973 1 731 3544
Fax:  +973 1 729 3134

Ahlia University Website

Ahlia University (AU) is the first private university to be licensed by the Government of Bahrain. It is an autonomous institution independently chartered, funded and managed by the private sector.


Ahlia University (AU) is a distinctive institution of higher education that ensures that science and education take their rightful place in the building and advancement in society.

Ahlia University (AU) gives special attention to the humanities and social sciences to assist the students to become enlightened humans and to develop a tolerance and open frame of mind to all mankind.

Undergraduate Studies
  • Bachelor in Interior Design (BSID)
  • Bachelor in Mass Communication & Public Relations (BSMCPR)
  • Bachelor in Accounting and Finance (BSAF)
  • Bachelor in Banking and Finance (BSBF)
  • Bachelor in Economics and Finance (BSEF)
  • Bachelor in Management Information Systems (BSMIS)
  • Bachelor in Marketing and Management (BSMM)
  • Bachelor in Information Technology (BSIT)
  • Bachelor in Distributed Systems and Multimedia (BSDSM)
  • Bachelor in Computer and Communication Engineering (BSCCE)
  • Bachelor in Mobile and Network Engineering (BSMNE)
  • Bachelor in Physiotherapy (BSPT)
Graduate Studies
  • Master in Information Technology and Computer Science (MITCS)
  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master in Mass Communication & Public Relations (MSMCPR)
  • College of Graduate Studies & Research currently offers two doctoral programs (jointly with Brunel University, UK)
    • Doctorate in Information Systems, Computing, and Mathematics
    • Doctorate in Business


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