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Mazoon University College

P.O. Box 101
Postal Code: 133, Al-Khuwair Heights
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman


Telephone: +968 2 460 4222
Fax: +968 2 460 5443

Mazoon Univeristy College Website

Mazoon University College strives to address the higher education needs of its community through provision of diverse programs and services; assisting its students in meeting their educational, intellectual and individual needs; preparing graduates capable of making significant contributions to their fields of endeavor; enriching society by developing national capabilities in technology, education and research

  • Mazoon University College is dedicated to allowing each member of the faculty, staff and student body to achieve his or her full potential.

  • Mazoon University Colleges provides outstanding programs in management, humanities, social sciences and technology.

  • Mazoon University College promotes economic development.

  • Mazoon University College provides education in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible, while adhering to the highest level of integrity.

Undergraduate Studies
  • Associate Degree in Accounting
  • Associate Degree in Business Administration
  • Associate Degree in Computer Science
  • Associate Degree in English
  • Associate Degree in MIS
  • Bachelor in Accounting
  • Bachelor in Business Administration
  • Bachelor in Computer Science
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • Bachelor in English
  • Bachelor in Information Science & Technology
  • Bachelor in MIS
  • Bachelor in Psychology
Graduate Studies
  • Master of Technology in Computer Science (MTech - Computer Science)


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