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Abha College of Technology

P.O. Box 886
King Fahad Road
Abha, Saudi Arabia

Website: (in Arabic)

Telephone: +966 7 224 4100
Fax: +966 7 224 1805

Abha College of Technology Website

The Abha College of Technology offers different programs of foundation including: English language, Computer Science and Business Administration. The graduated students will be awarded a certificate of diploma in their major.

  • Abha College of Technology provides a balance of skilled technicians to fill the administrative functions the argument in the industrial and commercial.
  • Abha College of Technology rehabilitations student qualified in practice in line with the needs of the labor market.
  • Abha College of Technology provides a the graduate with skills of communication and administrative efficiency to turn as a link in the working group, consisting of engineers (senior management) and skilled workers.
  • Abha College of Technology provides a good command of vocabulary and technical terms to clearly understand the requirements of the plans and programs that can cost in the industrial environment.
  • Abha College of Technology keeps pace with rapid technical progress in the technical areas of studies.
Undergraduate Studies

Program of Study

  • Computer Technology in Dedicated Technical Support
  • Computer Technology in Specialty Software
  • Civil and Architectural Technology in Civil Engineering
  • Civil and Architectural Technology in Allocated Architecture
  • Electrical Technology in Machinery and Power
  • Electronics Technology in Electronics
  • Technology Management in Accounting
  • Technology Management in Office Management
  • Mechanical Technology in Engines and Vehicles
  • Mechanical Technology in Production
Graduate Studies
  • Not Available


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