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Al Jouf University

P.O. Box 2014
Al Jouf, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Telephone:  +966 625 2271
Fax:  +966 624 7183

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To be a leading national and internationally accredited and recognized college in innovative medical education. This is accomplished by adopting a didactic strategy of problem-based, self-directed, student-centered learning, and community-oriented education. Promoting faculty development, research and collaboration with national and international partners. Preparing competent and compassionate physicians who are able to meet and respond to the changing health-care needs and expectations of the community, through innovative medical education, research, and health services collaborating with local and international partners.

  • Al Jouf University provides an appropriate scientific atmosphere for faculty members and university students.
  • Al Jouf University builds outstanding academic programs and develops a permanent basis in line with international standards and national requirements.
  • Al Jouf University provides all the possibilities of human, material and organizational support necessary to the educational process for university students.
  • Al Jouf University attracts distinguished faculty in various disciplines and micro university to serve the educational process and to raise the level of the students.
  • Al Jouf University raises the level of education and learning for university students.
  • Al Jouf University adopted admission policies for students with specific standards commensurate with the possibilities and requirements of the university community and the surrounding environment.
  • Al Jouf University applies of standards, policies and properties, mechanisms and practices of quality and academic accreditation at the university.
  • Al Jouf University creates a specialized research centers distinct faculties of the university and support all the necessary capabilities.
  • Al Jouf University creates a database of the research faculty at the University of Al-Jouf.
  • Al Jouf University provides material and moral support to encourage faculty members to conduct scientific research and dissemination of international and international scientific conferences to participate on behalf of Al-Jouf University in international forums.
  • Al Jouf University contributes to the development of human Jawf region by offering excellent training programs, and advice to solve the problems of society and the environment.
  • Al Jouf University involves various beneficiaries of the University of Al-Jouf in the development of educational policy, research and community service.
Undergraduate Studies

College of Engineering

  • Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Bachelor of Electronic Engineering

College of Education

College of Health Science

  • Bachelor of Laboratory Medicine
  • Bachelor of Nursing

College of Science and Art
College of Applied Medical Science
College of Science

  • Bachelor of Environment
  • Bachelor of Physics
  • Bachelor of Chemistry
  • Bachelor of Mathematics

College of Dentistry

  • Bachelor of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics
  • Bachelor of Oral Medicine and Diagnostic Science
  • Bachelor of Prosthetic Dental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Restorative Sciences
  • Bachelor of Preventive Dental Sciences
  • Bachelor of Maxillofacial Surgery & Diagnostic Sciences

College of Medicine

  • Bachelor of Anatomy
  • Bachelor of Physiology
  • Bachelor of Pharmacology
  • Bachelor of Pathology
  • Bachelor of Pediatrics
  • Bachelor of ENT
  • Bachelor of Ophthalmology
  • Bachelor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

College of Information and Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Computer Information Sciences
  • Bachelor of Computer Engineering and Networks
Graduate Studies

College of Pharmacy

  • Doctorate in Pharmacy (D.PHARM)


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