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Jubail University College

P.O. Box 10074
Jubail Industrial City


Telephone:   +966 3 342 9000
Fax:   +966 3 340 4274

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Jubail University College was established to achieve the objectives of the Royal Commission, in developing human resources and to provide the Saudi manpower with high education and training, so that they can properly manage the Kingdom's growing economy in its various sectors.

  • Jubail University College contributes to the stability of the local community in Jubail Industrial City and to attract qualified Saudi nationals to work in and manage the city projects.
  • Jubail University College provides well-trained and qualified Saudi manpower to meet the requirements of industrial development projects and investment in Jubail Industrial City.
  • Jubail University College achieves a distinctive level of performance in the applied academic field to prepare professionals who can keep pace with and utilize global technological developments.
  • Jubail University College conducts applied research relevant to projects associated with the localization and development of technology, and to solve problems pertaining to that, in the various economic sectors.
  • Jubail University College provides opportunities for the growing numbers of high school leavers (boys and girls) to receive higher education and training in order to fulfill their future ambitions.
  • Jubail University College provides community service through training and education.
Undergraduate Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Management Information System

Possible Future Offerings

  • Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Management in Accounting
  • Bachelor of Science in Management in Finance
  • Bachelor of Science in Management in Human Resource Development
  • Bachelor of Science in Management in Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Management in Marketing Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Management in Management Information Systems
Graduate Studies

Possible Future Offerings

  • Executive MBA Program for Practicing Managers


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