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Information About Schools (K-12) in Sharjah


Al Ahliya Private School

Sharjah, UAE

Ghubaiba Branch: +971 6 566 8222
Yarmouk Branch: +971 6 567 1113
Dibba Al Hisn Branch: +971 9 244 4538


Al Ahliya Private School

Al Ahliya Private School prepares learners distinct scientifically and morally and technology to meet the challenges of the times and under community participation in a constructive and informed citizenship.

Al Ahliya Private School prepares an educated generation capable of keeping up with the requirements of the times:

  • to meet the wishes of the parents and to contribute with the house in the upbringing of a generation that is capable of taking responsibility and self-reliance
  • implantation and development of Islamic values, habits and consolidation of Arabian homes in the hearts of our students
  • students discover thier talent

Al Ahliya Private School applies standards of quality and efficiency in education using modern techniques:

  • to enrich their educational, scientific, and provide them with skills in high performance through ongoing training courses during the school year 
  • producing a generation armed with faith and science can deal with developments of the era, develop all his energies to the service of the country
  • to communicate with parents and the local community
Language of Instruction
  • Arabic
  • Ghubaiba Branch - basic 6th grade until 12th grade
  • Yarmouk Branch - kindergarten (KG) to the basic 5th
  • Dibba Al Hisn - kindergarten (KG) and basic education


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