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Information About Schools (K-12) in Sharjah


Al Amaal English High School

P.O. Box 4462
Sharjah, UAE

Tel:  +971 6 565 6818 
Fax:  +971 6 565 6781

Al Amaal English High School  Website

Al Amaal English High School takes responsibility for identifying the most effective approach to educate all learners, so that students will feel empowered to take responsibility for themselves.

Al Amaal English High School provides a high quality education in a stimulating and competitive environment to equip our students with skill, knowledge and power of confidence.

Al Amaal English High School offers what is best about modern education in order to provide an educational experience designed to promote the maximum potential of its students. 

Al Amaal English High School assists the students to become intellectually adept, thoughtful and ethical contributors to global society. 

Al Amaal English High School provides excellence through quality of management, quality of training and quality of teaching, bringing benefits to our students, the community and the world.

  • Syllabus offered by the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Islamabad (FBISE) Pakistan aiming to prepare the students for the Secondary School Certificate Examination (at the end of Grade 10) and the Higher Secondary School Certificate (at the end of Grade 12).
  • The Pre-Primary Section: KG 1 and KG 2
  • Primary Section: Grade 1 to Grade 5
  • Middle Section: Grade 6 to Grade 8
  • Secondary Section: Grade 9 and Grade 10
  • Higher Secondary Section: Grade 11 and Grade 12


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