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Information About Schools (K-12) in Sharjah


Al Mawahib British Private School

P.O. Box 24777
Sharjah, UAE

Tel:  +971 6 567 0077
Fax:  +971 6 567 0060

Al Mawahib British Private School Website

Al Mawahib British Private School prepares students to have the ability to develop their society and participate in modern development while taking into consideration the Islamic values of the society

Providing a balanced British Curriculum with Islamic Education which is accessible to all and to ensure that every student is fostered with an encouraging and pleasant leaning environment to help them grow into a balanced personality.

  • British / UAE
  • British National Curriculum in the following subjects
    • English - Math - Science - ICT - Art - PE
  • Syllabi of the Ministry of Education in the following subjects:
    • Arabic - Islamic Education - Social Studies
  • Al-Mawahib Private School is a newly formed school catering for students from KG1 to Grade 6.


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