Arabian Campus

Information About Schools (K-12) in Dubai


Al Sadiq Islamic English School

P.O. Box 16196
Dubai, UAE


Tel:  +971 4 263 4083
Fax:  +971 4 263 1078

Al Sadiq Islamic English School

"A good school is one which not only imparts academic knowledge but also develops positive values of caring, sharing, mercy and tolerance.

Balanced curriculum which fosters both physical and mental capabilities in the child is essential. It is significant for an ideal school to transfer knowledge of various subjects that are considered necessary in a way that the pupils are able to grasp the ideas and also appreciate them.

It is equally imperative to ensure that the students learn to appreciate social and cultural values & customs of others and learn to respect parents, teachers and senior members of the society."

  • Arabic
  • Islamic Curriculum
  • Grade 1- Grade 10


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