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Al Salam Private School

P.O. Box 5251
Dubai, UAE


Tel:   +971 4 267 9594
Fax:   +971 4 267 9593

Al Salam Private School

Al Salam Private School aims to provide a holistic and inclusive learning environment, where academic and personal excellence is inspired in all, empowering them to become globally responsible life-long learners.

Al Salam Private School commits to provide a baanced and sudent-centered curriculum that caters to individual students and learning styles.

Al Salam Private School commits to stimulate the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of all members of the school community.

Al Salam Private School commits to promote a safe, stimulating, caring and compassionate environment.

Al Salam Private School commits to live and propagate the belief that every child is special and has a right to a good education.

Al Salam Private School commits to nurture creativity, courage and perseverance and seek to expand the Al Salam family, enriching the lives of all those involved.

  • English
  • British Curriculum
  • Foundation
  • Grade 1 - Grade 12


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