Arabian Campus

Information About Schools (K-12) in Dubai


Al-Mizhar American Academy

previously known as American Academy for Girls Dubai

P.O. Box 78484
Dubai, UAE


Tel:   +971 4 288 7250
Fax:  +971 4 288 7251


American Academy in Al Mizhar is committed to meeting the needs of families with an international outlook who have chosen an American education.

American Academy in Al Mizhar offers a co-educational early childhood program for dual language learners leading to a single gender college preparatory school for girls, our mission is to promote intellectual curiosity, independent and critical thinking, communication and problem solving skills, a lifelong passion for learning, and an exposure to and a respect for cultural diversity. 

American Academy in Al Mizhar expects academic excellence.

American Academy in Al Mizhar inspires personal growth and develop intrinsically motivated global citizens who are committed to being leaders in community service and environmental responsibility.

Language of Instruction
  • English
  • American Curriculum
  • Foundation - Grade 12


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