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Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation

P.O. Box 2751
Sharjah, UAE

Tel:  +971 6 538 7538
Fax:  +971 6 538 8952


Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation Website

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation is an institution aimed at improving the well-being of children in need of special care.

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation provides specialized diagnostic and remedial services in both Arabic and English.

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation provides educational opportunities for children with special needs.

Students “learn how to learn” and become more self-sufficient and independent learners.


Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation contributes to the support of children and young adults who have different kinds of learning difficulties.

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation uses up-to-date programs and educational tools.

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation believe in the future of our children.

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation believe in the importance of teamwork and appropriate networking in furthering our set  goals.

Awladouna Center for Learning & Rehabilitation pursue continued progress and continuous self-evaluation.


Occupational Therapist (OT's) at Awladouna Center offer assessment and treatment services for a wide range of conditions and diagnoses, including:

    • Sensory Processing Disorder (including tactile, auditory and taste)
    • Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
    • Autistic Spectrum Disorders/Pervasive Developmental disorders
    • Down’s Syndrome
    • Developmental Delays
    • Gross, Fine and Visual-Motor Concerns
    • Motor-Planning & Coordination Issues
    • Handwriting difficulties
    • Self-regulation Issues
    • Vestibular Sensitivity & Gravitational Insecurity
    • Feeding Concerns
    • Sleep Concerns
    • Pre-Term Birth


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