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Information About Schools (K-12) in Sharjah


Iqraa School Sharjah

P.O. Box 3598
Al Sharjah, UAE


Tel:  +971 6 535 1166
Fax:  +971 6 535 1167


Iqraa School Sharjah Website

Iqraa International School builds up a young educated generation that values its religion, has the ability to serve its country as well as confident of meeting challenges of the century. 

Iqraa International School aims to be at the forefront of educational spectrum by implementing high quality standards for rendering educational services to the community.

Iqraa International School achieves goal through a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated teachers and administrators.

Iqraa International School endeavors to establish a safe and stimulating learning environment at the school in collaboration with all stakeholders. 

Iqraa International School makes sincere efforts to equip the students with faith and scientific knowledge and enable them to serve and lead their respective communities in the best way possible.

  • American curriculum, which is based on the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and English Language Arts
  • The “Science” curriculum of the school will follow the” Next Generation Science Standards” from the next academic year 2014-2015
  • Kindergarten
  • Elementary School
  • High School


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