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Information About Schools (K-12) in Sharjah


Al Maarifa Private School

P.O. Box 7190
Al Yarmouk Area
Sharjah, UAE


Telephone: +971 6 567 4444
Fax: +971 6 566 4441



Al Maarifa Private School aspires to achieve excellence through scholastic inputs and creative academic and social approach in order to meet the continually changing educational and community challenges.

Al Maarifa Private School is committed to help students realize their utmost potential and integrate successfully into a global community both intellectually and emotionally by providing positive and caring academic and social environment for the students and the educators.

Al Maarifa Private School provides a broad and balanced curriculum that offers all students the opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills and develop a positive attitude towards learning. 

Al Maarifa Private School develops the students into an all round personality by addressing their intellectual, emotional, social, creative, cultural, moral, spiritual and physical needs.

Al Maarifa Private School promotes an atmosphere of understanding and tolerance for different cultures and beliefs, while nurturing an appreciation for the culture and heritage of the region.

Al Maarifa Private School provides students an environment that will develop awareness, respect for human rights and knowledge base which will turn them into truly global citizens.

Al Maarifa Private School utilizes resources and technology to facilitate learning and enable students to optimize their potential.

Al Maarifa Private School involves parents in the education and grooming of their children through regular communication and participation in school activities.

  • Arabic UAE / British / American


The American Program

The program is designed to provide students with a broad, but solid educational foundation. In this program Arabic and Islamic Studies are taught according to the Curriculum of the Ministry of Education. All other subjects like English, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Sciences, Humanities, Sociology, French, Psychology and Art & Design are taught in English up to Grade 12.

The British Program

In the British Program students sit for Advanced Level of Exams at the end of Grade 12 in a maximum of four subjects. The selection of AS & A Level subjects is made on the basis of performance at IGCSE.

The UAE Ministry Program

General Secondary Education Certificate (GSEC) course. All subjects in this section are taught in Arabic, except for the English language subject. 


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