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Manzil Special Needs

P.O. Box 44410
Sharjah, UAE


Tel:  +971 6 534 7663
Fax:  +971 6 534 7664

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"Manzil Special Needs provides a highly professional care-giving and learning environment for individuals with special needs to nurture their potential & develop the requisite self-help, social, educational & vocational skills that are required to function in society."

  • Special Needs

Manzil  offers programmes based on different models and researches that address a wide range of learning differences.

Pre-education (ages 4-6 years)
The Centre offers a programme for children with learning and developmental delay to enhance all areas of the child’s development including cognitive, language and communication, social, motor, and self help skills.

Education (ages 7-15 years)
The Centre implements adapted British Curriculum (Key stage 1and 2) for students with mild to moderate intellectual challenges. This programme consists of basic learner skills, academic skills, self help skills and motor skills

Adaptive Daily living (Ages 7-15 years)
The Centre provides a comprehensive programme for students with needs which can not be met in the education programme to ensure they are given the opportunity to develop basic daily living skills. The programme includes communication, self help and basic functional skills.

PRIDE - People Receiving Independence & Dignity through Employment (Ages 16 onwards )
Manzil provides a two-phase PRIDE programme for students with mild to moderate intellectual challenges. The emphasis of the programme is to ... develop student’s knowledge and skills to become part of the mainstream workforce.


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