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New World American Private School

Sharjah, UAE

Telephone: +971 6 552 7443
Fax: +971 6 552 7445


New World American Private School Website

New World American Private School provides students with 21st century skills to be responsible citizens building their society and maintaining their identity.

New World American Private School builds lifelong learners, empowered with innovative thinking skills for success in the 21st century.

New World American Private School will achieve this by providing education based on United States curriculums and curriculums of Ministry of Education aimed at total quality, on-going development, academic performance excellence while keeping on our ideal social values and principles in safe and orderly educational community and teamwork.

Education is a shared responsibility among the administration, teachers, students and parents.

Effective education must enhance the students’ skills of independent thinking, decision-making, critical analysis and comprehending other viewpoints.

Effective education should be in a safe environment, where everyone is accustomed to respecting the rights of others as well as their different views.

Effective education should be in a environment that has modern facilities, such as the use of up-to-date educational, visual and technical aids.

Effective education objective is to develop the desire for on-going learning.

Effective education must build self-confidence for students to be globally competitive.

Language of Instruction
  • English
  • American Curriculum
    • Kindergarten
    • Elementary School
    • Middle School
    • High School


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