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Information About Schools (K-12) in Sharjah


Scholars International Academy

P.O. Box 47425
Sharjah, UAE


Tel:  +971 6 535 5033

Scholars International Academy Website

Scholars International Academy provides a student-centered-learning environment where our children are authors of their own learning and become authors of their own futures. 

Scholars International Academy wants students to be prepared for the challenges of life and have the critical skills and communicative abilities to tackle those challenges that have yet to manifest, in this rapidly evolving society. 

Scholars International Academy's students will be confident individuals who are comfortable in taking risks but have the values to act with thoughtfulness and humility.

Scholars International Academy's students will be successful in the path they choose and tolerant and respectful of all cultures and beliefs.

Scholars International Academy's students will be lifelong learners that find inspiration and happiness as part of their daily lives. 

  • British curriculum, but incorporates the latest in thought leadership and global pedagogies from around the world
  • Foundation 1 to Year 9


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