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Al Shola Private School

P.O. Box 3683
Industrial Area 13
Sharjah, UAE


Tel:  +971 6 5583453
Fax:  +971 6 5388690


Al Shola Private School prepares educated generation effectively contribute to the advancement of the UAE as part of a comprehensive Arab renaissance.

Activating the role of Al Shola Private School as a social institution is working on a comprehensive upgrading of educational performance, educational and instill the values ​​of citizenship, responsibility and initiative.

Al Shola Private School builds a generation believer Islamic and Arabic identity , and strengthen the educational system of values ​​among students .
Al Shola Private School consolidates the positive trends in the behavior of students and rooting self-discipline and self-confidence .
Al Shola Private School develops closer ties between members of the school community and to encourage teamwork .
Al Shola Private School upgrades the achievement of the students.
Al Shola Private School provides education Arabic competitor to the highest levels of global education .
Al Shola Private School Spreading the culture of excellence in all areas of the school's work .
Al Shola Private School developsprofessional competence for those working in the school and deepen the concept of work in scientific research and practical .
Al Shola Private School develops expansion of buildings and school facilities to cope with the requirements of the educational process .
Al Shola Private School expands the use of technology in education and access to the application of e-learning style .
Al Shola Private School strives to achieve these key objectives by harnessing the potential of all human and material resources and follow a deliberate systematic plan scalable every five years.

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Al Shola Private School teaches curricula of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to support some additional curriculum subjects such as English and computer.


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