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GEMS Westminster School Sharjah

Al Muwaileh Area
Sharjah, UAE


Tel: +971 6 542 6323

GEMS Westminster School Sharjah Website

GEMS Westminster School Sharjah values-driven education is expressed through our four core values which are woven into every curricula offered by GEMS Westminster School Sharjah and are at the core of our DNA.

They are not symbolic, we live and breathe them.

World Citizenship

Empowering Students with a Global and Local Perspective 

Universal Values

Accepting that We are All Different, Recognising that We are All the Same


Developing each student’s individuality and entrepreneurial spirit in order to discover their potential

Forward Thinking

Developing Skills for the Future

Through our values we encourage independent learning, empowering students to take on responsibility.

Students learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance and develop a positive regard and awareness of other people.

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