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BY AIR   |   BY LAND   |   BY SEA

It is much easier to travel to Egypt nowadays, because it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Air travel is not the only way to travel to Egypt, you can also travel by land or by sea.

By Air

There is a variety of good options for getting to Egypt, with good connections between Cairo and many European cities. Super-cheap holiday packages including hotel vouchers can work out cheaper than booking a flight independently, and you can just chuck the vouchers away if resorts aren't your style. Flights from elsewhere can be expensive and it's worth looking into flying to Europe first and then making your way to Egypt from there, as this is often a cheaper option than flying direct.

Egypt's national air carrier is EgyptAir, and Air Sinai also has good connections in Egypt. Most travellers come into Egypt through Cairo, although people are increasingly disembarking at Alexandria, Luxor, Aswan, Hurghada (Al-Ghardaka) and Sharm el-Shiekh. These airports are serviced by a number of smaller carriers and charter companies with direct connections to Europe.

By Land Travel

From Israel: Private vehicles are not permitted to enter Egypt from Israel; however may use public transport and enter Egypt via Rafah on the northern coast of Sinai or from Eilat o n the Red Sea. Buses run regularly from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem to the border at Rafah. The border passengers disembark from the Israeli vehicle, go through customs, and take an Egyptian bus or taxi. There are no facilities for issuing visas at the Rafah border. In Eilat, Israeli buses are permitted to enter Egypt and travel as far as Sharm el Shaykh at the southern tip of the Sinai.

From Sudan: There is a twice-weekly steamer that ferries cars the length of Lake Nasser, from Wadi Halfa in the Sudan to Aswan in Egypt. Information is available from the Nile Navigation Company Limited, Ramses Square ( in the train station), and Nile Maritime Agency, 8 Quasr el Nil, both in Cairo; and the Nile Company for River Transport, 7 Atlas Building, Aswan. All arrangements to enter Sudan, including visas, must be made in Cairo. You must have a valid passport and either a transit or tourist visa to Sudan. If you plan to pass through Sudan you must have a valid visa for your next destination.

By Sea

Cruising the Nile
This is a popular tourist activity, and so the quality and price of organised cruises can vary.
At the top of the range, cruises can be booked through most of the major hotels; others can be obtained more cheaply through numerous Cairo travel agencies, and can cover full-day excursions through to a four-day sightseeing trip.
The most common means of transport up and down the Nile is by the ancient sailing boats known as feluccas. A felucca ride can be arranged for a few hours and is a peaceful way of seeing the Nile traffic and scenery. Sunset is the recommended time to do this.

Commercial Ports
Alexandria and Port Said on the Mediterranean Sea, Suez and Nuweiba on the Red Sea are ports of entry for visitors.

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