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Oman can offer a compelling sense of exploration and discovery, and a wildlife holiday that few would imagine possible. Tourism aimed specifically at those interested in the natural environment, or eco-tourism, may be the keystone to the future of the industry in Oman. Thoughtfully planned and carefully managed it will allow for the generation of revenue without clashing with conservation concerns and cultural heritage.

The stark beauty and wide range of contrasting landscapes that characterize the country create habitats for a wealth of wildlife. Among the variety of fauna and flora are millions of migrant wading birds passing through year after year; entire marine ecosystems unique to science; mountain, desert and shoreline plants of stunning diversity; desert dwellers of surprising abundance; endangered Arabian mammals like leopard and oryx; seashells of exquisite nature; coral reefs that stud the sea with vibrant colours; innumerable endemic fish; whales and dolphins from coast to coast and turtles that nest in numbers matched by no other country on the planet. And alongside the natural wealth is a culture as rich as the sea, mountain and desert environments with which it has arisen.

Travel to Oman, Visit Muscat through Oman Travel Guide for Sultanate of Oman Adventure

An Informative and Beautiful Video Showcasing Oman Tourism

Travel to Oman, Visit Muscat through Oman Travel Guide for Sultanate of Oman Adventure

Travel to the Sultanate of Oman especially to the city of Muscat for amazing Oman Adventure. Through our Oman travel guide you can visit Oman. Oman is an evolving journey if you are an adventure seeker, nature lover or interested in heritage and culture, don't miss the amazing Dohfar Khwars and Salalah Khareef Festival. Uploaded by OmanTourism on Mar 23, 2011. Webiste:

By Air

The national airline of Oman is:

Oman Air (WY)

P.O. Box 58, Muscat International Airport
Postal Code: 111, Sultanate of Oman

Telephone: +968 2 453 1111
Fax: +968 2 415 3300



Oman Air Website

Oman Air has created a niche for itself on all operating routes. The company with its team of dedicated and skilled workforce has earned an enviable reputation in the region.

Covering 20 international destination and two domestic destinations with a young fleet of B737NG, B737 and ATRs. Offering the first ever intra-Gulf commuter services. Providing code sharing arrangements with leading international airlines to Zurich and Dubai. Today, the distinct 'Khanjar' of Oman Air is becoming an increasingly familiar sight at international airports.

Oman Air - the designated carrier of Sultanate of Oman is recognised for its strong market presence. Respected for its professional attitude. And recommended for its punctuality and service excellence.

Furutre of Air Transport - Omar Air - Video

A Corporate Video showing Oman Air Aircrafts

"The Future of Air Transport" commercial by Oman Air. Circ. 2011

All rights reserved. Webiste:

Gulf Air (GF)
Gulf Air (GF) which is jointly owned by the governments of Abu Dhabi, Bahrain and Qatar

P.O. Box 1444
Postal Code 112
Muscat, Oman

Call Center: +968 24482777
Sales: +968 24763535
Branch Telephone: +968 24798347


Gulf Air Website

Other airlines serving Oman include British Airways, Emirates Airlines, KLM and Lufthansa.


Airports in Oman

Muscat International Airport

Flight Information:  +968 2 451 9223

Head Office:  +968 2 451 8030
Fax:  +968 2 451 8088



Oman Airports Website

Various airlines fly direct to Oman:

British Airway
Swiss Air
Gulf Air
Ittihad Airways
Emirates Airlines
Air India
Thai Airways

Airline offices in Oman:

Airlines Contact Number
Oman Air
750812 and 519302
Gulf Air
703222 and 703332
Emirates Airlines 786600 and 786700
British Airways
56877 and 565123
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
566737 and 566897
Swiss Air
787416 and 791710
Lufthansa German Airlines
796692 and 708986
Air Canada
Air France
605761 and 605148
Air India
By Land

Traffic drives on the right. Principal routes run from east to west, connecting Muscat to Sohor, and from north to south. Bus: The state-owned Oman National Transport Company has been developing a network of services in Muscat and north Oman using modern vehicles. There is competition from taxis and pick-up trucks converted for passenger service. Taxi: Prices are high and fares should be agreed in advance. Shared taxis are also available. Car hire: Available from Budget and Avis which have offices at hotels throughout the country. Regulations: Heavy penalties are imposed for drinking and driving. It is also forbidden to drive on the beaches. Documentation: A local licence must be obtained from the police by presenting a national driving licence or International Driving Permit. Police passes may be required if travelling via the United Arab Emirates.

Tours and Travels in Oman


By Sea

Commercial Ports
The main ports are Mina Raysut and Sultan Qaboos. Traffic is mainly commercial.

Port Location
Port Sultan Qaboos Oman
Mina Al Fahal Oman
Salalah Port Oman
Al Qalhat (Sur) Sur, Oman
Sohar Oman
Khasab Oman
Source: Ministry of Information
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