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There are many activities to pursue in United Arab Emirates, from desert safaris and mountaineering to parasailing, and sea tours.

Sports fans can enjoy time on some of the best golf courses in the world, before retiring to the beach to lay in the sand and absorb breathtaking scenery.

Dubai Golf

Website: for Emiratea Golf Club and Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club.

UAE Golf Online

Website hosts a comprehensive list of Gold Courses in UAE,

On underwater adventures, scuba divers may encounter sea creatures like dolphins, and tropical fish, while floating over breathtaking coral reefs.

Scuba UAE


Scuba 2000


Dining seaside while listening to the serene sounds of the ocean is a relaxing way to spend the evening. International cuisine to suit every palate is offered at International restaurants throughout the UAE.

Shopping at modern shopping malls, souks, and individual retail stores is a great way to spend the day. Dubai is dubbed as the “shopping capital of the Middle-East,” and it's retailers offer a variety of merchandise from high-fashion, gold and jewellery at the Gold Souk, carpets and handicrafts, electronics and more.

Don't forget the Dubai Shopping Festival from January to February and Dubai Summer Surprises from July to August.

Horses have always played a central role in traditional life in Arabia, however modern horse racing with local jockeys as well as top jockeys from overseas, has taken off dramatically over the past decade. Race meetings are held weekly during the winter at one of the UAE’s four race courses.

Dubai Racing Club


Emirates Racing Authority


The Dubai World Cup is the world’s richest horse race,

is held in spring each year at new Meydan Race Course .

Other races in the World Cup festival include the UAE Derby, the Dubai Kahayla Classic for Purebred Arabians, The Dubai Duty Free, Dubai Sheema Classic, Dubai Golden Shaheen and Godolphin Mile.

Sand Skiing is a novel and exciting experience, sand skiing has been attracting a keen band of supporters both in the Emirates and abroad. The only equipment you will need is a snowboard. Popular venues are the large dune on the road between Dubai and Hatta and the enormous dunes. Trips to the latter must be organized by one of the local tour operators who will also provide instruction.

Wildlife Parks in UAE

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre


Al Ain Zoo


Arabian Wildlife Park on Sir Bani Yas Island


Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo


Emirates Park Zoo & Resort


Sharjah Desert Park



Sharjah Aquarium


From pleasure and leisure activities for relaxed moments, to high adrenaline sports for days that need a boost of excitement, United Arab Emirates has the ultimate things to do list.


The Burj Khalifa - A Closer Look - Video

A Fantastic Video Showcasing The Burj Khalifa and its Residents

(Video in English)

Standing at 828m high, this masterpiece mega structure is a luxury prestigious location to live in and is the tallest tower in the world. This video gives you a resident's perspective of living in this stunning tower as well as information on the community. Make it your home - and have something to remember for the rest of your life. 

Video was developed by Coldwell Banker. Our Coldwell Banker agents have a variety of apartments for rent & sale within this tower and can guide you in selecting one that suits you.

Contact our Dubai office on +971 4 439 1200.

Local Customs & Culture

Culture in the United Arab Emirates is rooted in Islamic traditions that form it's National’s lifestyles. However, the UAE is tolerant and welcoming to foreigners who do not practice the religion of Islam. Expatriates are free to practice their own religion, alcohol is served in hotels and the dress code is liberal. Women don’t face discrimination. Courtesy and hospitality are one of the many virtues of UAE.

The official language of the country is Arabic, however most people communicate in English. The majority of road and shop signs, restaurant menus, etc. are in both English and Arabic.

Residents and visitors can dress however they like, but a good amount of respect for local customs is appreciated. UAE nationals usually wear their traditional dress. For men this is the dishdasha or khandura, a white full-length shirt-dress. It is worn with a white or red checkered headdress known as a gutra. In public, women wear the black abaya, a long black robe that covers their normal clothes and they also wear a headscarf.

Normally photography is acceptable and expected, but like anywhere, it is polite to ask permission before photographing people. It is considered offensive to photograph Muslim women. Photographs of government buildings, military installations, ports and airports should not be taken.

Arabic cuisine comprises many types of cooking from countries like Morocco, Egypt, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Tunisia, and more.

Alcohol is served in licensed premises like restaurants and bars located in hotels. It is also served in a few recreational clubs.

Shisha pipes are smoked at most establishments. They are traditional water pipes that use flavored tobaccos like strawberry or apple. Shisha is usually enjoyed while sitting at a café or restaurant.


Documentary of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

A Beautifully Narrated Documentary of Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

This documentary has a cursory look at the beauty of Sheikh Zayed Mosque, as a magnificent architectural edifice. Produced by: Students of COMA N216 - Media Studio I of the Applied Communication Program of the Higher Colleges of Technology - Sharjah Women's College. Students: Maysoon Al Ali, Manar Al Majdi, Fatima Jasim and Tagrid Ali.



Cars take up the largest part of the transportation in UAE. Cars are divided into two types: own car or taxis. Buses are next and finally motorcycles. UAE does not have a railway system as of yet.

Using taxis is the best way to go around UAE if you don’t have your own car. It is easy, simple and taxis do go from one emirate to another with only simple fare.

Emirates Taxi: +971 4 339 4455
Metro Taxi: +971 4 267 3222
National Taxi: +971 4 339 0002

The table below contains official taxi fare prices for Sharjah and Ajman emirates:

Sharjah Ajman
Within Sharjah AED 5 to AED 10 Within Ajman AED 3 to AED 5
To Ajman AED 10 To Sharjah AED 7 to AED 15
To Dubai AED 15 to AED 30 To Dubai AED 20 to AED 35

Dubai Taxis and Buses
The most popular taxi/bus stand in Dubai is the Deira Taxi/Bus Stand. Taxis and buses travel to every emirate in the UAE. Dubai Transport Corporation (DTC) took over the taxi/bus stand in 1997, which was previously being run by station-wagon cab owners that were not very clean or comfortable. The travel rates are given below.

Sharjah - AED 100 Ras Al Khaymah - AED 230
Ajman – AED 100 Fujairah - AED 230
Umm Al Quwain - AED 120 Khorfakhan - AED 230
Dhaid - AED 190 Al Ain - AED 230

Sharjah Taxis
There are no official taxis in Sharjah, but there are areas where taxis stop to take individuals who want to travel to or from Sharjah. The main taxi area in Sharjah is in Rolla. People from Ajman who want to go to Dubai will normally stop in Rolla to change taxis to continue on to Dubai, and the same way around.

Ajman Taxi Stands
Similar to Sharjah, there are some locations where taxis will come to take people, such as Al Manama Street.

Public Bus Transportation
Dubai is the only city, which has a public bus transportation system. It is very reasonably priced (AED 1 to AED 4). The buses are air-conditioned, and there are separate areas for women.

Motorcycles are generally used by courier services, as motorcycles have no problems getting through traffic jams to insure fast delivery, but the use of motorcycles are very rare, one reason is because of the weather in UAE.

Dubai Metro - Video

A Majestic Video showing the Old Ways of Traveling to Today's Dubai Metro.

Uploaded by dubaicityvideo on Feb 28, 2011 - The Dubai Metro (in Arabic: مترو دبي is a driverless, fully automated metro network in the United Arab Emirates city of Dubai. Dubai inaugurated its metro network in September 2009, becoming the first urban metro network in the Gulf's Arab states. It is hoped that the system will ease the daily commute for thousands of the Dubai emirate's workers. The Dubai metro is fully integrated within the network operated by the Roads & Transport Authority (RTA). In full operation, Dubai metro is projected to carry approximately 1.2 million passengers on an average day, and 355 million passengers a year.


Accommodation for Students

Uninest Student Residences - Residences for Students located near Dubai International Academic City

Institution Accommodation Facilities

Most of the institutes have segregated, conveniently located and cost-effective accommodation facilities. The accommodation fees vary from institute to institute.

Accommodation type and fees vary: fees may change

  • AED 4,725/- per term (shared) to AED 7,000/- per term (single)
  • AED 15,000/- per year (private room with bath & kitchenette) to AED 4,500/- per year (semi-private room without private bath & kitchenette)
  • AED 1,300/- per month, shared-basis, inclusive of accommodation, food and transportation

Note: Bus transportation is usually available for student-housing residents at no charge.

Private Rental Market

Many furnished and unfurnished apartments are available throughout the Emirates. When you rent a unit in a private building you will have to sign a rental agreement or lease that specifies your rights and responsibilities and those of the property owner and his agent.

Dubai News Furnished Apartment Listing

GoDubai Real Estate

Health Care

United Arab Emirates has high quality medical care and residents should not have trouble getting treatment if they need it. Both private and government run hospitals offer excellent care.

There are no particular health risks for residents.

No inoculations are needed to travel within United Arab Emirates.

During the summer months drinking plenty of water, eating salty foods, and using sun-block are suggested.

Hospital Emergency Numbers   Website
Dubai Hospital +971 4 271 4444  
American Hospital +971 4 336 7777
Rashid Hospital +971 4 337 4000
Mediclinic - Welcare Hospital +971 4 282 7788
Al Amal Hospital +971 4 344 4010  
Al Dowall Private Hospital +971 4 221 2484  
Al Maktoum Hospital +971 4 222 1211  
Al Wasl Hospital +971 4 324 1111  
Belhoul Intern Hospital Center +971 4 345 4000  
Iranian Hospital New Dubai Hospital +971 4 344 0250  
New Dubai Hospital +971 4 271 4444  
Centers and Clinics    
Al Borj Medical Centre +971 4 345 4666  
Al Zahra Private Medical Centre

+971 4 331 5000  
Dubai London Clinic +971 4 344 6663  
Dr. Akel's General Medical Clinic +971 4 344 2773  
Dr. M S Ahmadi Clinic +971 4 344 5550  
Dubai Physiotherapy Clinic +971 4 349 6333  
General Medical Centre +971 4 349 5959  
Jebel Ali Medical Centre +971 4 881 4000  
Manchester Clinic +971 4 344 0300  
New Medical Centre +971 4 268 3131  
Lifeline Medical Group +971 4 396 3444  

*There is always a 24-hour pharmacy open in Dubai, as they rotate for 24 hour duty.

Call +971 4 223 2323 for information on practicing pharmacies for that day/night.

Most pharmacies have regular opening hours from 08:30 to 13:30 and 16:30 to 22:30 Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays opening hours are from 16:30 to 22:30 and on Friday mornings, some may open from 09:00 to 13:00.

Emergency Contacts

List of emergency telphone numbers from within UAE:

Police 999
Fire 997
Ambulance 998 or 999
Electricity and Water 991
General Information 101


Communication Company

Directory Inquiry: 181
Fault Reporting: 170
General Information: 101




Online Bill Inquiry & Bill Payment:

Etisalat Online Bill Inquiry & Bill Payment Website


Al Ghazal Transport : 800 2121 (Toll free number)

Dubai Transport : +971 4 208 0808

Source: Ministry of Information and Culture and Dubai Shopping Festival
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